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Opening up adoptive dialogues

We want to broaden conversations surrounding adoption, in particular adoption from China. 


We are part of an ever-evolving group, now young adults who are tackling adulthood and all the trials that come with it. This page aims to bridge gaps in narratives and make information about Chinese adoption more accessible to anyone interested in learning about it. 

Adoption is a lifelong process. We want to create a space in which conversations about adoption grow alongside us to reflect our own entry to adulthood. We want to open up dialogue about what it means to be a Chinese Adoptee in today’s world for those both within and without the adoptive triangle.


There is no textbook method of dealing with or understanding adoption. People often refer to ‘the fog’ which surrounds the minds of some adoptees. It is our hope that this page might act as a small port in the storm to those looking to digest and dissect adoptive identity. 

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