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Goofy googles

Over the course of this project we could not help but notice the drop-down list for most googled questions about China and Chinese adoption and just wanted to break a few of these down for anyone still confused in 2021. 


Ignorance is not a good colour on anyone. People look different, get over it. 

Personally, was not aware being bad at cricket was a stereotype but gutted I'll never compete for the Ashes x


After an inconclusive search online, I think the term 'onions' comes from the idea that Chinese immigrants in America during the 1800s were smelly and disposable. Most likely originating from distaste towards Chinese cooking. 



= JO

Birthdays can be a difficult time for adoptees as they stir up emotions about their birth family. 

Okay, so apparently there's this thing called 'Adopted Child Syndrome' used to explain a whole range of behavioural problems in adopted children.  These can manifest in lying and acting out.

why adoptees.png
why chinese adoption.png

Why do adoptees?

The story of Huxley springs to mind with this. Adoption is not a decision to be entered into lightly. It is not always an easy road.  That being said, people love a horror story and most Chinese Adoptions have perfectly happy endings!

Children in general are not cheap. Adoption fees include the costs behind been found eligible for adoption by social works, visas, flights and a 'donation' made to orphanages.  You're looking at four figures at least. 



Squirrels will adopt abandoned or lost orphan squirrels.

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